Autumn Years
Bethesda Fountain
Central Park Plaza
Country Road

Croton Falls Creek
Fruit Stand on Broadway
Grant's Tomb II
Grant's Tomb
Horse Farm, Putnam County
Lake Carmel NY
Lake Mahopac
Lancaster Pa
Metropolitan Museum NY
Montauk NY
Montauk Point
New York Library
President Obama Bids Farewell to President Mandela
Roses with Blue Vase
Roses with Oriental Vase
Roses with Turquoise Vase
Snowy day in Plaza, NYC
Study for the Montauk
Summer in Central Park
Sunday Sermon, Lancaster
Wall Street
Waiting for Daddy
Winter in Central Park





Welcome to NYC Arts Online - The New York Art Gallery of Reza Karimi


Ray Karimi was educated and resides in New York.  He has an extraordinary eye for the light of day and its affect on the observed world.  The world he observes, and which he invites you to share, is an interior world of the sense of beauty and genre in New York and various other cities in the USA.  What is so vividly realized is the light---- each scene is a doorway through which you pass directly into another sky, another air with its own fragrances and clarity, a different order of sunshine and shadow.

Yet, for all the emphasis on the literal portrayal of a specific and very recognizable sense of place, the paintings also work as abstractions; compositions built up by the artist as plays between light and shade, or contrasts between different intensities of hot and cold.  Similarly, the formal elements can be dissected, as critics find traces of influence by such American artists as Sargent, O’Keefe and Prendergast, and Karimi is the first to admit to these influences. He creates an art with a mixture of American influences, that are uniquely his own.